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The Problem Worth Solving

This Transformation Blueprint is for you if you...

Solution Part One

Your Business Needs Systems

“The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less” – Sam Carpenter

50-60% of small business will fail within 5 years but franchises have a success rate of 90-95%. Why? Because franchises use a Business Operating SYSTEM (BOS), a systemized approach encompassing all parts of business.

  • Systems create value and provide consistence
  • enable growth and enhance the resale value of your business,
  • remove risk by transferring knowledge out of the heads of your employees,
  • promote clarity and reduce stress,
  • simplify on boarding and training,
  • enhance focus on high value tasks,
  • put the owner in the drivers seat.
  • form a blueprint for successful software implementation.

Systems are what make businesses grow, flow, endure, and sell. Businesses that effectively follow systems find themselves winning against their competition. 

Solution part Two

Your Business Needs a CRM*

*CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software tool to improve your business relationships, reach out and connect to customers, streamline processes and improve profitability.

The biggest challenges that sales people face are 1) how to qualify and follow up on leads and 2) how to prioritize sales activities. Of those who use CRM, 80% report an increase in the amount of leads generated and 77% an increase in conversion rates.

  • Improved customer service, satisfaction and retention,
  • Increased lead generation and sales
  • Ability to share and distribute data
  • Data accuracy and data security
  • Personalized marketing and segmentation
  • Improved market intelligence
  • Improved business analytics and reporting
  • Reduced administration and cost
  • Automating recurring tasks
  • Enhanced mobility and remote work

The benefits of CRM integration and marketing automation are too big to ignore. With CRM usage at 91% of businesses with over 11 employees and more than 50% of those with < 10 employees, chances are your competition is already using one. Failing at digital transformation may actually close your business forever.

Zoho Universe 2

What Others Say

Our organization was faced with a challenge after we started to grow at an unprecedented rate. We needed to get more predictability in the sales channel and better management of our customer data. Rico did customize an extremely cost effective CRM solution for us which worked just the way we wanted it.

Nicolas Emmert

Owner at Nidori Group Co., Ltd.

Not only does Rico possess remarkable skill and knowledge, his positive attitude and communication abilities are outstanding. An absolute pleasure to work with. In all respects, top class!

Alex Runhaar

CEO at Video Creator

“Thank you Rico, for your guidance and the set up of my client management system. I appreciate your ‘can do’ approach and the way you directed me in the technical development of my business. It was a very worthwhile investment, I recommend it to everyone!”

Daniel Voorhees

Owner, Aurora Yacht Sales

I am impressed with Rico's professionalism and visions in business, he is an excellent idea person. I give Rico Stapel my full recommendation, anyone will be in good hands doing business with him.

Niels Colov

Chairman, Board of Directors, Pattaya Media Group

Rico takes his business seriously and possess remarkable skill and knowledge.

Vasilis Stergiou

Business Development Consultant

Rico has implemented the Worketc CRM system in Thai Luxury Charters which has proven to be extremely valuable in following up with our contacts and managing our charter Process. The set up has been smooth and Rico was guiding us through the whole process and beyond.

Bruce Parker

Owner, Thai Luxury Charter

The Process

The Business Transformation Blueprint
More Time, More Revenue, Peace of Mind

Imagine when your business does become a well-oiled machine that consistently produces happy, paying customers, generates no chaos, and doesn’t require your constant presence and attention!



By developing a Strategic Objective and a set of Operating Principles, we replace uncertainty and guess work with a clear road-map for your business. 

Decisions made by you and your team will be guided by your vision and principles.


Develop a

We look at the different parts of your business to identify bottlenecks and priorities so we can resolve issues which will have the biggest impact first.

The outcome will be a clear step by step plan, the foundation for the transformation of your business



We will be working with your team to improve and document the systems within your business. Inefficiencies will be removed and your team will appreciate the new structure. 

You will see your business transform into a highly organized organisation with predictable results every time.



Once the proper systems are in place and documented we translate them into a fully customized CRM to address your business’s unique needs.

Your personalized outreach will result in better client relationships, closer team collaboration, better insight, control of your data and so much more.

Your Advantage

Benefits of the Business Transformation Blueprint

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