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Fluent in English, German, Thai and Computer

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There I was, utterly confused and overwhelmed, tasked with a project that would require at least twice the manpower available to me. Juggling my day job and the pressing urge to convert my ideas into a start-up business. All of that in the highly competitive world of luxury yacht charter on a tropical island.

Just like every other business owner I knew at that time, we were strapped for cash with too few hours in any given day. It’s hard to recall an evening not spent staring at the ceiling, trying to find the solution to yet another problem that cropped up that day. Life was stressful back then and far from tropical bliss.

Not having the luxury of a prestigious MBA education, I tried to read anything that would even remotely hint at a solution to my predicament. To be honest, I was near the point of giving up on my dream business when I came across a book called “Work the System” by Sam Carpenter.

While I was reading the book I could literally feel the fog lifting. The solution to my struggles was simple; observing the different parts of my job, my business, my life, from an outside and slightly elevated perspective. Tweak and document the observed parts and systems and achieve repeatable, predictable and consistent results.

In 2017 I took my first coaching session with Josh Fonger from the WTS Academy. This turned out to be the best investment I ever made in my business and more so, in myself. The experience has been nothing short of life changing and once I experienced the power of the “Systems Mindset”, there was no going back. As a matter of fact, my life has changed more than even I had imagined possible. Besides an incredible increase in peace of mind, time and money, I found something else. I found new meaning in my life. Today, when I see a business owner struggling, I want to tell him my story. I want him to experience a break-through similar to mine, so I made the “Work the System” method my mission.

In 2019 I took a certification course with Josh and started coaching business owners as a certified consultant in the “WTS” method. Assisting other business owners to enjoy their work and life is a highly rewarding occupation. The “WTS” method has enabled me to walk away from my day job, since I enabled my team to handle it by themselves. It has enabled me to continue building my Yacht Charter Company and I still have time to follow my new found passions.

But learning the “WTS” method had another, unexpected benefit. You see, I am also a certified Zoho CRM Consultant and Zoho Partner. A CRM is a customer relationship management system; a piece of software, businesses use to manage customer data and do some advanced magic with it. I always loved implementing those systems for others in the luxury yachting industry and I became quite good at it. Despite the success, I felt there was something missing. Implementations could take on a Frankensteinesque life on their own–the pieces fitted together but felt awkward at times.

Applying the “Systems Mindset” to Software and CRM implementation changed all of that. I have created a unique method by first designing the individual working procedures which then become the perfect blueprint to build the digital platform on. I call it “Systemized Digital Transformation”. Data flows clearly from lead-to-sale and everyone knows exactly what to do as soon as they sign in. This unique approach almost doubles the success rate of CRM implementations, it’s a real game changer.

Don’t get me wrong, I said implementing the “WTS” method, either with or without a CRM, is simple but I don’t want to imply that it is always easy. Following it requires commitment and diligence. Life can initially get a bit busier but it will also get better faster. You need to stick with the method and take advantage of the right guidance.

So if you are a business owner who could use an increase in revenue, time and peace of mind. If you are dedicated to changing your life but don’t know where to start, I invite you to schedule a complimentary discovery call to find out more about me and see where my strategies can take your business.

email: rico@jstarandstapel.com
call/chat: +66 866 900 444

Professionals I like to work with

Fluent in English and Thai

The Thai Connection

Chonthira Saiwaew

Nim (her nickname), is my partner in life and one of the most business savvy Thai women I know. She graduated with a masters in accounting and gained invaluable corporate experience by working with management of the Laguna Resorts and Hotels group.

Not only has she vast experience in hospitality, real estate, luxury yachting and other tourism related sectors, she also is very well connected to various government agencies and knows how to work the intricacies of bureaucracy. She has helped with business registrations, all kinds of permits, bookkeeping support and is one of the driving forces behind Thailands “Superyacht Charter License”.

Nim is the proud mother of a 4 year old who constantly morphs between a princess and a little devil. So it is not often that she has time to help fellow business owners but she does her best to accommodate when asked for help.

email: nim@jstarandstapel.com
call/chat: +66 858 877 414

Fluent in English, German, French and Marketing

The Marketing Guru

Koen De Wit

Koen is a 20 year marketing veteran, he evolved with the digital era and honed his skills doing all the online marketing for his brick and mortar businesses.

Now he offers his experience and expertise to other businesses and specialises in Facebook advertising, sales funnels and website builds. He will create high converting ad copy, analyse and optimise your landing pages and make sure your whole funnel is set up correctly and fires on all cylinders.

Koen is part of the Funnelytics FAAS Mastermind group, which consists of the best funnel builders in the world. As a backend developer he can easily install your tracking scripts and do all kinds of magic like pixels and Google Analytics.

email: kdw@dwtdigital.com
call/chat: +66 857 952 221

Fluent in English, Danish and Design

The Magical Artist

Kevin S. Gibson

Kevin believes neither in grand gestures, smartness and ingenuity, because his 20+ years experience thought him that the best results are achieved by listening and applying relevant creativity in an thorough approach.

He has a gift for understanding core values and dismissing the unimportant. Kevin’s mission is to create significant results for companies and institutions he works with and provides surprising and effective creative solutions.

He owns and runs LIME.asia; a full service Communications & Graphic Design company with HQ in Phuket, Thailand and presence in several other SE Asian locations + Europe. His strengths are Corporate Identity Design, Photography, Video and CGI.

email: kevin@lime.asia
call/chat: +668 0890 2082
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